The Gatekeeper

I rarely write poetry. But this one sprang out at me during my run yesterday. I confess I am no poet and I agonized over its many flaws to no avail. I had to write it the way it is written. I hope you all enjoy. The Gatekeeper

Guard my heart, O Gatekeeper—

Keep me gathered in.

Bind your arms 'round me—

Be my only kin.

Lock the door, O Gatekeeper—

Guide my vision too.

My eyes are prone to wander—

Keep them fixed on you.

I am lost, O Gatekeeper—

Unless in your fold.

My hands, they are empty—

Give them yours to hold.

Marry me, O Gatekeeper—

My only shelter be.

Finish what you started—

Let me rest in Thee.

© Gabriella Huerta 2011