Immunity Boosting Oolong Tea Adaptogen Latte


So in the spirit of FULL transparency this is just a recipe that I ripped from the brilliant ladies at Trim Healthy Mama, with a few modifications of my own that make it less geared towards weight loss and more geared for immunity in the winter months.

The health benefits of oolong have long been document and are no secret, but sometimes I think the earthier taste puts people off. These last few months I’ve transitioned to drinking tea to get me through the afternoon slump, and this latte recipe is PERFECT.

Oolong reduces the risk of heart disease, stimulates your metabolism and fights obesity, decreases inflammation, is full of antioxidants and helps maintain bone density (women near menopause this is for you!)

With a list of health benefits like that I obviously had to get on board. Let me know if you make it!


- two scoops of loose leaf oolong tea (I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs) or two tea bags
- 1/3 cup steamed almond or coconut milk (really any milk will work!)
- dash of cinnamon
- dash of cayenne (both these spices again, help stimulate your metabolism and boost your immune system!)
- tbsp of MCT oil (gives it a creamy richness while providing a dose of healthy fats that will keep you full and keep you from snacking— which is currently a goal of mine!)
- scoop of collagen peptides (adds protein and helps the frothiness!)
- dash of Reishi powder
- dash of lions mane powder (this latte doesn’t require adaptogens to taste good, I just love knowing I’m helping boost my immune system and brain function with the help of these two ingredients!)
- few drops of Manuka honey (adds a taste of sweetness and helps build immunity)


First boil water and steep tea for a good long while. I usually let mine sit for 15-20 mins to make sure it’s strong since it will get diluted with the milk. While that’s happening, heat up the milk. Over the stove is best, but if I’m honest sometimes I just put it in the microwave. Pour into a blender along with all the other ingredients and blend for a 30 seconds or until frothy. Then pour and serve! Hope you all enjoy and stay warm and healthy as it gets cold!

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