Easter Ode


Extravagance breathed alone in the darkness

Extravagance was content in infinite timelessness

but extravagance exploded with light

Extravagance imagined forms into being

Extravagance unfurled trees, flowers and buds of life

rocking the seas until they kissed newborn land

Extravagance traced the form of man with gentle fingers laden with love

Extravagance gave man his own likeness, sparing nothing of his own, even his own purity.

Extravagance provided timshel to his beloved own

and it was that extravagance which buoyed man above waves of destruction and inexplicable hurt

Extravagance spared a man’s only son

because he knew some yokes are too jolting, and burdens can be earth-crushing.

Extravagance called morsels of life down from the sky into desert wastelands

it crumbled walls with a single note

it passed over and passed over and passed over for hundreds of years

in the face of golden calves drenched in blood.

Extravagance called his prophets from the bellies of whales

gave food to the widow

clothed the orphan

Extravagance kissed the womb of the virgin

Extravagant love embraced the cold earth and manure-drenched hay of the stable

but Extravagance couldn’t keep angels from breaking open the sky, tears of joy streaming down their faces

Surely, those angels said, there’s nothing more extravagant than this!

Extravagance called Lazarus out of cobwebby death

and in Extravagant fashion he keep wine flowing at the wedding

Extravagance picked fisherman, who would understand the value of a catch

Extravagance dried the tears of a prostitute

gathered traitors and liars into his arms in Extravagant acceptance

Extravagance mystified heaven and hell

with bloody tears and sweat-stained prayers

The angels watched in horror at the Extravagance of their Lord

while love-formed men spit in the face of Extravagant servanthood.

It was his Extravagance that drove nails into unspared limbs

and timshel did its best to destroy the Extravagance that called it into being

Extravagance died as only the Extravagant could

utterly abandoned in extravagant disgrace…

But Extravagance could not be contained by darkness

and with radiant light, Extravagance rebuilt what was destroyed.

Extravagance bore that choking yoke, and was crushed by that burden

loved-formed men chose to die by.

Extravagance bore all this for the sake of an extravagant wedding

where no cost is spared.

In Extravagance love bore all, for the sake of the extravagant joy set before Him.