Tony, the sex addict


what was that?

Oh I was just saying hi-- that's all.

oh...! hi!

It's a beautiful day! It's lucky you know. It's been a lucky day.


Yeah I've met two girls today so that's good. What about you? Got anyone waiting for you?

yeah, i do. 

You know that's good. Hope he's normal, this one girl, she's an addict. Why do I always attract the addicts?

that's a bummer.

Yeah, you know I've got this one other girl. I used to love her. I'm still in love with her. But there's issues man, I got lotsa money. So there's issues. Sometimes I think I'll go back to her but it's so complicated, you know?

well if you love her, maybe you should just go back to her. 

[pregnant pause]

Nah, man. There's too much shit under the bridge.

there's never too much shit under the bridge. 

What would you know? You're young you got you're whole life ahead of you.

i know relationships are messy and take work.

[another preggo pause]

You know I always thought I liked being with girls you know? It always came easy. Man, but they suck your soul dry! I just don't got much to give anymore.

then stop meeting girls and take a break.

[skeptical laughter]

Where you from?


Aah... Minneapolis... I used to know a teacher there. A hot blonde. We had a WILD nine weeks.... it was short but it was good. She was good at lovin'. What was her name? Sharon? Stacey....? Weaver, weaver, weaver.

where are you from? 

New York City. I hate this place man, it's too small. I gotta get OUTTA here. But it's complicated. I only came here for the money you know.

what money.

You know, the money and the woman I'm in love with.

i still think you should go be with her. 

Ha! No... there's too much hurt.


well... i gotta go. can i pray for you?

Pray? Why do you want to pray for me? No body has asked me that before...

um.... cause it's nice.

You religious?


Shit man. How did that happen? See I used to be an alter boy. But I don't know... now I don't really know about that stuff.

well how it's kinda a long story. but i can tell you.

Eh... I gotta get my food man. You're deep aren't you?

you're deep too. all humans are deep.

Humans! What's the difference between us and animals? Nothing!

that's not true. you have a soul. 

You saying animals don't have souls!? See I can't take that man, I'm a vegetarian. I remember it just hit me one day, I was eating some chicken and was like 'how is this different than eating a human?' It ain't. You'll find out after you're gone who has souls. Gosh I'm gonna start crying.

no you're right, i guess i'll find out. but you have a soul.

No I don't. I'm a mess. I'm too far gone.

what does that mean?

I'm too bad. You don't know my life. I'm too far gone. You know. I used to think sex would satisfy me. But it doesn't. I used to know a girl when I was young who told me 'Tony, this isn't going to satisfy you forever!' But I didn't believe her then. Now I do.

well nothing can really satisfy forever. that's why we can't hope in things or people they'll disappoint you. 

YES! They disappoint you! Shit, I disappoint me. How do you do it? How are you so calm?

well....i have God. 

How did you get God?

it's a kinda long story. i can tell it to you if you like though.

Well... I gotta go get my food man.... But maybe you could tell me real quick?

i just reached a point like you, when the world couldn't satisfy anymore. i had friends who loved God so i just started talking to him too. he never disappoints me.

You're deep aren't you?

you're deep too.

I don't know man, I'm too far gone.... I'm an old, bad man.

not any worse than i am. i have shit too, tony. 

Huh? Why? Do you do drugs?


Oh. I used to date this girl who was an addict. Man she was crazy. You know, I'm gonna be real with you. The other day I was crying-- I just started CRYING!-- because I just.... I am just so tired of everything. Sex doesn't do it for me anymore. It's good for awhile... but it's just empty. Everything is empty.


I need to go get my food. I've gotta meet a girl tonight. Hey it was nice meeting you, Minneapolis. Thanks for talking.

it was nice meeting you too tony.