Day Twenty: Brave Enough to Face the Next Thing

If I just bunker down, just lower my trembling chin and grit my teeth I can stay here. I'm content, I'm safe. Just don't make me change.

So often it's "different" that scares me-- be it better or worse. I'd rather face the giants  and demons I'm used to, than embrace a brighter possibility.

It's the unknown vs. the here and now, the present may not be everything you dreamed, but it's working. 

But that's not what your Father has for you, little one. He's calling you higher. And while slavery in Egypt may feel normal, and the road to the promise land may be hard, he is calling you to freedom. To milk, to honey, to nearness with him.  

I'm not saying what he is calling you to is going to be easy, and that there won't be giants to face in the promise land. Most likely there will be. But your Heavenly Father refuses to leave you where you are. He has a plan full of hope, joy and freedom in the land that scares you so much.  He calls you for your good. For your wellness. Your fullness. That you may find those things in his good heart.

You just need to be brave enough to face the next thing. 

Gabriella Llewellyn4 Comments