Day Eighteen: Brave Enough For Such a Time As This

Photo credit: John Hillin & Kelsey Cherry

Photo credit: John Hillin & Kelsey Cherry

It's morning and my eyes are tickled open by the early light filtering through the window. I've learned a lot in this season of "the thin places". 

I've learned some days are just extra thin. 

Somedays you're not sure if you have the strength to do today.

And some days are so full of small tasks you wonder how it all fits into the big picture. The picture of your life, of God's bigger tapestry. On thin days, life doesn't feel filled with beauty. On thin days, you wonder if you can handle what's next. 

This year I've learned to give myself pep talks for the mornings I wake up threadbare, for the days when I long to see the tapestry and not the thread. For the times when I need to be reminded of my purpose in the mundane.

So take a deep breath. Rest, let these words wash over you, and know you're not alone. 


You, my friend, were born for such a time as this. Today is not an accident. You are not an accident. Today was crafted with opportunities for life, purpose and joy-- they are yours to reach out with faith-stretched hands and capture. 

Even though you feel weak, you'll be made strong. There are good deeds waiting for your fingerprints to own them. 

Your worth isn't measured by how glorious or undignified your work is. Your life story is not contained within this moment. When you go out, you bring light, you bring hope, you bring Jesus. When you speak, your words bring life. 

I know you feel exhausted, and maybe the miracle today is just getting through it-- and when you do, because you will, celebrate that! 

Trust that today is good.

Have faith that God is good. Because he is, and he's orchestrating wonders for you to behold. Listen to his voice today, don't block him out. Let him in on the good, the bad, and the funny. He will fill in the cracks that make you feel like you're about to crumble. 

There are good deeds waiting for your fingerprints to own them. 

When you step out of this bed in faith, I believe heaven celebrates your choice to not be defeated. To trust that God goes before you like a pillar of fire. 

Because in the thinness, there is nearness like you've never known. God has brought you here, to this thin place for such a time as this. Let that purpose fill you and fuel you to move. Let it radiate from your being. 

Now go. 

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