Day Nineteen: Brave Enough to Be You


Finally. I breathe in the misty east coast air and lean against the church wall. It's totally dark out, except for the light from the car park and I take in this beautifully lonely moment. Living on a tour bus is doable as an introvert. But requires stolen moments like this. 

I face the tree line, pitch black and breathe. It's a strange feeling, to be here at this country church in Maine. I think of my five year old self, and then my awkward 14 year old self and try and remember the winding path that brought me here, to this moment where I stand before the pine trees and sway. 

The breeze gently rocks the tops of the trees, and I think life is too short to fake it. 

I used to think being insecure belonged exclusively to the 8th grade. But now I know it's just a part of doing life, and everyday you live the most genuine version of yourself, you take a risk. We get better at taking rejection, and realizing we don't really want to please everyone.

But you are you. You've been fearfully and wonderfully made. Your path to this moment has beautiful, heart-breaky turns that only you have trod. There has been pain and joy in the journey, but this moment isn't a mistake. It's handcrafted and purposeful.  

There in the trees I feel the wind lift the weigt of life off my shoulders and breathe.  

Try it. Breathe.  

Celebrate this moment. This little spec in time. Seize it and be brave enough to be you.  


Gabriella LlewellynComment