Day Twenty-Two: Brave Enough to Come Back

It's been awhile since we've talked. 

Days. Weeks, perhaps months. 

Life gets busy, and people get tired. Tired and even... bored. Is that blasphemous? I scan my Bible for a verse, an encouraging soundbite to get me through the day and then close the pages. 

As if you're a vitamin I just need to dutifully swallow. 

Eventually I get tired-- or forget-- to do my daily scripture scan... and don't. Now I don't know how much time has passed since we sat down and looked each other in the eye. How long it's been since we've met, soul-to-soul. If you're my greatest love, then why have things grown stale?

Some times in the thin places we find ourselves gasping for oxygen, our lungs scream but we don't listen. We pant for him, but we forget how to breathe. At least I do. 

I forget the way back to intimacy. 

Sometimes I forget that God is a person. To know him, I need to meet him. To talk to him. To sit down, shut up, and listen to him. He isn't a feeling or a state of mind. 

He longs, and loves, and hurts, and feels. He's strong and jealous for me. For my attention and my love. 

And he deserves it all. 

I don't know about you, maybe you've found some other way to intimacy with God when it feels like you've let things grow stale. But for me I've never found a way that didn't involve being honest and coming back to him. 

I've never known a way that didn't mean me sitting myself at his feet and saying "Here I am, speak, your servant is listening."

I've never known the way back to not feel clumsy, or like I'm out of my depth. Because really, I am way out of my depth.

But he is faithful to come and meet me there. 

I've never known the way back to God's heart without confessing that I'm responsible for walking away. Because he never walked away, and he never will. 

I'm not sure where you are today, how long it's been since you've whispered something honest and true to Him. Maybe it was a few minutes ago, maybe days, months, or even years. 

Be brave enough to whisper it now, whisper his name. He knows that sometimes a whisper is all we can manage. 

And in that day I will answer, says God...I will have mercy on No Mercy, and I will say to Not My People, "You are my people"; and they will say, "You are my God." - Hosea 2:21-23