Day Twenty-Six: Brave Enough to Trust His Promises

Where has the end of this year brought you? 

You know, in your heart, where the murmurs are deep and low and truthful. Once you've settled in, I have just one honest question for you. 

Do you believe God's promises for you? 

Do you truly believe all that God promises are true for YOU?

Because if I'm honest, sometimes I don't. I sometimes believe his promises include everyone-- except me. Some days I exclude myself from mercy, from grace, from all the blessings that are mine through Jesus. 

I don't think I'm too good for them, but sometimes I think I'm not good enough for them. Self-pity and self-deprication, all just other names for pride. There's no place for for such things in the arms of grace. 

I'm not sure what keeps you from struggling to trust his promises. But today, let your soul sink down, breathe and believe. Let your soul call on him, you will not be rejected. 

For you, O Father, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you.- Psalm 86:5

He doesn't just listen to the holy, the ones who got it right, the ones who loved him faithfully, people people who didn't deny him. But our God listens and answers the ones who are weak, the spiritual outcasts, the ones who failed themselves and others, the ones who deny they ever knew him, and the ones who struggle to pick up their cross. 

He listens and has mercy. He promises to give grace to those call on him in their time of need. 

And that includes you and me.

The ones who struggle with this glorious concept of grace. We who are looking for the courage to trust his promises. 

Gabriella Llewellyn1 Comment